What items do we accept?
We accept more books, CD’s, and DVD’s than anyone else in central Illinois! We don’t accept everything but we do consider most items in good or better condition. We accept items based on our inventory needs, which can change day to day.
How does trade credit work?
  1. We bring in FAR more items under our trade credit program than by any other means.
  2. Bring us your used items to be appraised.
  3. After appraisal we offer you an amount for your items. Our trade offer will be up to 50% of what we can re-sell your items for.
    1. For common everyday books, that usually translates to $1-3 each.
    2. For former Book Nook books, collectible books, recently published books, and others we are more likely to pay quite a bit more.
  4. If accepted the amount of the appraisal in trade credit is put on your account.
    1. You can then use your trade credit to pay for 50% of any future purchase (the remaining amount stays on your account).
    2. Your trade credit never expires, works at any Book Nook location, and is transferable.
Do you make cash purchases?
Yes, we do!

Although we bring in MANY more items through our trade program we do occasionally make cash purchases in certain situations. Please call ahead before bringing in items for cash purchases.

Do I have to wait?
Absolutely Not!

We bring in 100-300 books a day. While we try to do things as quickly as we can there may be times where we will have to take your phone number and process your items as time allows.

It’s first come first serve but normal wait times are rarely more than 20 minutes.

What if I have ALOT of books?
If you have more than 100 books please call ahead to assure we can best accommodate you.

If you have more than 200 books please request a home visit. Include with your email at least 10 photos representative of your collection, with 10-15 clearly legible spines in each photo. And a phone number.

Can I donate?
If we do not currently need some or all of your items you will be asked if you would like them returned or if you would like to donate them. We work directly with multiple groups who accept donations.

We also accept donations for items to be resold. Bookstores wont be around forever, and every donation helps us stay in business longer.

Books we can’t use are re-donated for charitable purposes as we find need.

We will never resell donated books we have turned away.

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